Monday, February 27, 2012

Mulberry's New Muse

Mulberry announced that its latest handbag is named after the recent rose to fame artist Lana Del Ray, which I find to be…. odd. According to the creative director Emma Hill, she is smitten by Del Ray’s style of voice and actually referred to the singer as “timeless, refined and elegant.” I can see where the inspiration is generated from; Del Ray’s fashion is simple yet ever so graceful and classy in a modern approach (as the signer herself defined the bag as “ of Old Hollywood mixing with edginess and irreverent sense of fun” yet that is how I would describe her style). 
This whole announcement is somewhat of a shock because Del Ray’s recent publicity is derived on a negative aspect (Ever since her infamous performance on SNL, a parade of hatred branded a certain imagery for the singer). It is a bizarre way to create publicity for a fashion company (essentially, I believe a company does so if it names a design after a celebrity), basing on a career built on such negativity.
In terms of the actual bag, it truly represents Del Ray in a sense that there is this old school, classic undertone to it. However, I do find this bag beyond my years and I actually picture this bag more for a mature woman.
Nonetheless, inspirations are “to each his own” and Mulberry’s new muse selection is based on more Lana Del Ray’s fashion rather than her music abilities.
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