Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Nasty Gal!

As you probably know by now, Nasty Gal is such a great site to shop at for any vintage lover due to the vast range of unique vintage collection. Most importantly, the clothing selection has a modern, chic, edgy flare (many other so called vintage clothing companies tend to design such clothing fit for grandmothers). The bottoms at Nasty Gal is fun to shop for because they are just so funky and quiet interesting. Basically, Nasty Gal is what the savvy cool gals wear.
Source: thenastygal.tumblr.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mulberry's New Muse

Mulberry announced that its latest handbag is named after the recent rose to fame artist Lana Del Ray, which I find to be…. odd. According to the creative director Emma Hill, she is smitten by Del Ray’s style of voice and actually referred to the singer as “timeless, refined and elegant.” I can see where the inspiration is generated from; Del Ray’s fashion is simple yet ever so graceful and classy in a modern approach (as the signer herself defined the bag as “..style of Old Hollywood mixing with edginess and irreverent sense of fun” yet that is how I would describe her style). 
This whole announcement is somewhat of a shock because Del Ray’s recent publicity is derived on a negative aspect (Ever since her infamous performance on SNL, a parade of hatred branded a certain imagery for the singer). It is a bizarre way to create publicity for a fashion company (essentially, I believe a company does so if it names a design after a celebrity), basing on a career built on such negativity.
In terms of the actual bag, it truly represents Del Ray in a sense that there is this old school, classic undertone to it. However, I do find this bag beyond my years and I actually picture this bag more for a mature woman.
Nonetheless, inspirations are “to each his own” and Mulberry’s new muse selection is based on more Lana Del Ray’s fashion rather than her music abilities.
Source: WWD.com
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Layer It!

Layering is the one fashion skill I never seem to execute properly. It appears as if great complexity and creativeness is exerted into each ensemble; however, with these tips, layering just got a whole lot simpler.
(For me, this layering technique was always difficult because somehow I always looked like a bloated clown) With this look, the most important component is the dramatic distinction of the layers; in other words, the cropped piece ends way before the hem of the second layer. To add a little spunk, combine solid colors with classic patterns.
(Sweater over Shirt)
By Kelly L.
Accentuate the waistline by wearing a belt or a top that grazes the middle. The key concept to this look is to invoke a sense of balance; thus, a lean and fitted item for the bottom portion will neutralize the bulkier top pieces. It is best to choose a light, loose, and seamless jacket.
(Vest over jacket)
By Danielle R
Atypical casual layering technique using a T-shirt but boost it up a notch (and have fun) by using other pieces such as sweaters, dresses, and blouses. Again, the second layer needs to be lean and fitted so that the look does not appear bulky.
By Saray D.
(Sweater over dress)
The primary layer needs to be slim-fitted and rest below the butt. Ensemble then appears as an elongated, slim silhouette. It is important to work with one light, flowy material because with this technique, the usage of too much heavy pieces may appear corpulent. Best to wear heels or platforms.
(Sweater coat over dress)
By Kasia G.
Happy Layering!
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Source: Instyle Magazine September 2011, Lookbook.nu

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alexandar Wang Spring 2012 Campaign Photos

These campaign photos are just awesome because they are just sooo…anti-glamorous which makes it unique and bad ass. Alexander Wang Spring 2012 collection portrays a tough girl attitude, inspired from vast forms of velocity which is evident in these brilliant shots.
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Read On My Friends

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I usually find myself searching for a good read that involves fashion. Here are a couple of my favorites:
I (Heart) Your Style by Amanda Brooks ($19.99)
This book is just awesome because it isn’t one of those fashion books filled with just pictures. The author breaks down the major different styles and depicts each element’s essential pieces (accompanied with plentiful photography and references to films and other books for a little homework!) It is one of those rare finds that is informative about style.

The Teen Vogue Handbook ($26.00)
This is every girl (or guy!) go to guide who ever dreamed of one day working in the fashion industry. The readers are given detailed insight of the variety fashion careers with tips on how to successfully land their dream jobs (or at least internships). It is worth the read because there is even career advices from fashion successors such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, and so much more!
Happy reading everyone!
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